Silver State Photography
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New Photographs portfolioSee my latest images here....
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Nevada (mostly) Landscapes portfolio
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Night Photography portfolio
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People portfolio
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Nevada Birds portfolio
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Flowers portfolio
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Ghost Towns portfolio
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Buildings portfolio
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Inspirational portfolio
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Fallon/Churchill Fire Department portfolioI retired with more than 22 years of service from the Fallon/Churchill Fire Department. While I miss the excitement and satisfaction of doing the job "first hand" I enjoy being able to photograph the action and sharing it with you.
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Client Gallery
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Nonie's Birthday Cookie Party portfolio
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Alexis portfolio
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Heying Family portfolio
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Hessey Family Easter 2016 portfolio
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Brooklyn Mello portfolioBrooklyn Mello..... fist photo month old.
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Branden portfolio
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Jones Family portfolio
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Mello Family portfolio
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2016 Rubicon Granite Crawl portfolio
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Doug & Monica Wedding portfolio
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2016 Goss Family Reunion portfolio
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Dr. Heath Office portfolio
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Joey & Natasha Wedding portfolio
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Charlie & Amber portfolio
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Lani portfolio
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Michael portfolio
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Kennedee portfolio
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West Senior Portraits portfolio
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Alex Senior Portraits portfolio
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Birchfield Family portfolio
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Milt & Jessilyn Family portfolio
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Lani Edited portfolio
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Alex & Leslieann portfolio
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Wendy Family portfolio
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Gerten Family portfolio
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Fallon RN Graduates portfolio